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Current Services

Here you will find a list of work we can carry out on site. 

Servicing and inspections

Oil and filter
Air filter
Pollen/cabin filter
Fuel filter
Spark plugs

All prices are individual to the vehicle

Our Mots are no longer on site, but we work very closely with our local Mot station to be able to carry out Class 4 ( cars ) and Class 7 ( vans). Please quote JLM when booking online below
Cambelt and timing chain kits

We carry a huge selection of tools to carry out timing belt and chain replacements on nearly all current vehicles on the road and use only high quality parts to ensure your vehicle continues to operate as it should

We don't just plug into your vehicle and hope our computer tells us what is wrong.
With our experience we will not change parts unless we know we are correct and we house all the equipment in order to do so. From our smoke machines to pressure tester and main dealer software, we test before we replace
Air conditioning and servicing

We carry both r134a and 1234yf gas as well as all the equipment to be able to check for faults before replacing the gas. This allows us to work on all types of vehicle, new and old.
If you're unsure of you type of gas, please message us before purchase
Brakes, exhausts and suspension

We can fit and supply all parts required for every vehicle for every budget

1234 yf Gas

r134a Gas

Clutches and flywheels

With all of our equipment, we are able to supply and fit for nearly every make and model of car currently available including flywheels on DSG model vehicles and semi automatic vehicles which include auto adaptions

Remapping Services

We can now carry out the following

Economy tuning
Performance tuning
Speed limiter removal
Launch control
DPF, EGR and AdBlue solutions

We will be adding further tuning solutions as we go

We can carry out MIG welding to all types of vehicle, from Mot failures to restorative standard

HHO Hydrogen engine Cleaning

Hydrogen cleaning is a safe and easy way of cleaning engines internally without major work being carried out. 

This helps with emission and poor performance as well as fuel economy.

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